“I believe that art, similar to life, changes daily. It’s about documenting life from a different perspective that others might not see or experience. It’s about finding inspiration in subtle surroundings, such as the beauty in an old weathered door or storm clouds creeping over the mountain. Along this journey we adapt, grow, and hopefully find our way.”
– K. Randall Wilcox

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Castle & Key Distillery Tour – Part 1

| 2018, Blog | No Comments
I had long awaited revisiting this forgotten distillery after stumbling upon it by accident back in February of 2014 when my wife Leisa and I were doing a creative powwow…

Foggy Winter Trees

| 2018, Blog | No Comments
I woke this morning to the low distant sound of fog horns echoing off vessels I could not see as they navigated their route along down the Ohio River. Louisville…

Americana III – HI

| 2018, Blog | No Comments
Found this vintage gem along the roadside in Hawi, HI. I love the way the light and reflections play off this old jukebox. That geometric mandala made out of electricians…