“I believe that art, similar to life, changes daily. It’s about documenting life from a different perspective that others might not see or experience. It’s about finding inspiration in subtle surroundings, such as the beauty in an old weathered door or storm clouds creeping over the mountain. Along this journey we adapt, grow, and hopefully find our way.”
– K. Randall Wilcox

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Winter Frost 2

| 2019, Blog, News | No Comments
Excited to post the next painting here on Valentine's day in honor of those living with dementia and Alzheimer's like my dad. Current Subtitle: Floating on Clouds of Golden Memories.…

Winter Frost 1

| 2018, Blog, News | No Comments
We've been in the process of giving our fireplace room a complete make over so it only made sense to paint this piece for this corner of the room. There's…

Cold Winter’s Night

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When the night feels like day and the moon peeks through on a chilly winter night... Restless and in need of some tunes and a brisk walk, I decided to…