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Day 11: Cine El Megano

Cîne El MéganoIt’s Day 11 of Randy’s Birthday Art Bonanza!

Today it’s another selection from Cuba, “Cine El Megano”. It’s funny–most of Cuba feels like the 50’s (since there are so many 50’s era cars around), but this one feels very 70’s plus there’s really cool old signage. I wonder if that sign even works? This is a photographic print on gallery-wrapped canvas, then hand-glazed. It’s 24×16.

Gallery Price: $375
Bonanza Price: $187.50
DAY 11 ONLY: $93.75!

You know the drill–first one to contact us, gets it. There is only one available at this time. Call 513-898-9170, or email GO!

Oh, PS–The 75% off price is only for the day it is posted, but you can purchase images all during the month of October for the “Bonanza Price” (50% off gallery pricing). Click here to see the items still available.