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Day 13: Dos Autos

krw-dos autos

Day 13 of Randy’s Birthday Art Bonanza!

Today’s selection is “Dos Autos”, a photo taken in Havana, Cuba. It’s printed on gallery-wrapped canvas, and then hand glazed. Size is 24×16. Though the photo was shot in 2008, it looks like it  was taken in the 50’s. I love the way the light hits the cars in this one.

Gallery Price: $375
Bonanza Price: $187.50
OCT 13 ONLY: $93.75!!

You know the drill–first one to contact us, gets it. There is only one available at this time. Call 513-898-9170, or email GO!

Oh, PS–The 75% off price is only for the day it is posted, but you can purchase images all during the month of October for the “Bonanza Price” (50% off gallery pricing). Click here to see the items still available.