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Day 21: Jackpot Modern Casino

jackpotUPDATE: This image is SOLD!

Since today’s image sold, and since it’s Randy’s birthday–we are doing EVERYTHING  from Day 1-20 that didn’t already sell (see the individual posts for details)  for today, October 21, at the Day Only (lowest) price. Now is your opportunity to get something that you missed! Go to this page to see all the previous posts.

It’s Day 21 of Randy’s Birthday Art Bonanza, and Randy’s actual Birthday!

So of course, we choose one of his favorites today, “Jackpot Modern Casino”, from the Boneyard in Las Vegas. Now there is a neon museum, but at that time it was just a whole bunch of random signs piled into and old parking lot, where old signs came to die. It’s a print on gallery-wrapped canvas and hand-glazed. This one measures 60.5×36.5.

This image was used on the show American Dream Builders earlier this year to decorate a houseK. Randall Wilcox–here’s a pic of that to show you the scale.

Gallery Price: $1450
Bonanza Price: $725
OCT 21 ONLY: $362.50!

Same rules as always–there is only one available, and the first one to contact us gets it. Call 513-898-9170, or email GO!

Oh, PS–The 75% off price is only for the day it is posted, but you can purchase images all during the month of October for the “Bonanza Price” (50% off gallery pricing). Click here to see the items still available.