Day 22: Tides of Lindos

tides of lindosIt’s Day 22 of Randy’s Birthday Art Bonanza!

Today’s image is “Tides of Lindos”, which is a painting, oil on canvas. This is one of our favorites, and the very first painting Randy ever did. It is inspired by the beaches of Lindos in Rhodes, Greece. This is an amazing opportunity–though it has been in gallery shows before, it is usually marked NFS (not for sale), because we just couldn’t part with it. It measures 30×48, with layers of blue that are really beautiful in person.

Gallery Price: $2000
Bonanza Price: $1000
OCT. 22 ONLY: $500!!

Same rules as always–there is only one available, and the first one to contact us gets it. Call 513-898-9170, or email GO!

Oh, PS–The 75% off price is only for the day it is posted, but you can purchase images all during the month of October for the “Bonanza Price” (50% off gallery pricing). Click here to see the items still available.