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Jerome, AZ

By January 26, 20172017, Blog, Desert, News

As I’ve been digging through my images over the years, there are many that have stories that haven’t been told yet. So on that note, here are some images that were taken out in Jerome, Arizona in 2012 while visiting family and celebrating my dad’s birthday.

Jerome is nestled high up in the mountains between Prescott and Flagstaff. Founded in 1876, this once thriving copper mining town has seen its share of boom and bust til the mine closed in 1953. At it’s peak there were some 15,000 people living here and three million pounds of copper mined each month.

Today Jerome is now a bustling tourist destination and shares a strong artistic community. Designated a National Historic District in 1967 by the federal government, this ghost town still has lots to be discovered.

Here some cool images to enjoy.