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Cold Winter’s Night

By January 17, 2019Blog

When the night feels like day and the moon peeks through on a chilly winter night…

Restless and in need of some tunes and a brisk walk, I decided to bundle up, put on the headphones and head out to get some exercise. And hopefully find some frames to snap.

I remember reading where Robert Rauschenberg’s art professor telling him in college, “you don’t need to travel further than yuor neighborhood for great source material.” I’m paraphrasing here, but nothing like a little AC/DC on the playlist and an neighborhood full a naked trees standing tall on this cloudy night.

Not every image makes the cut but you can’t edit or curate the shots you don’t take.

Shine on friends, even whne its cold and ark outside… seek the light!

#photography #night #sky #moon #clouds #artist #shine