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Winter Frost 2

By February 14, 20192019, Blog, News

Excited to post the next painting here on Valentine’s day in honor of those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s like my dad.

Current Subtitle: Floating on Clouds of Golden Memories.

It’s been a challenging year and in many ways exhausting emotionally for me but I wanted to paint something to honor the life, the memories and the struggle we share with the ones we love.

Thankfully, he’s still with us but this abstract landscape like my previous post, “WINTER FROST 1” is full of layered acrylics and pops of metallic gold. There is also a mix of mat and gloss layers for an added touch.

I know many of his thoughts and memories are clouded at times if not forgotten but there are moments of clarity that shine bright much like the use of gold in this painting.

There are also some small speckles of gold in the lower half to represents what I believe is still there but choked out by the tangles, known as Tau.

Here’s some process pix for those interested on how I build up the canvas and get to the final piece.

Size canvas with multiple layers of gesso.

Get canvas to a starting place to begin the layers of painting.

Layers and layers of color play and toning.

Begin working in the main colors and continue building up the texture.

Closeup of previous shot.

Not satisfied with the lower base color portions, I keep tweeking the purple with various shades of light and dark to get it just right.

I find when the layers build up nicely when I drag my brushes over the layers that’s when the best subtleties start to shine through.

Detail adding in the flecks of metallic gold into the bottom section.

This final detail image has got me craving a Grape Crush soda.

Media: gesso and acrylic paint.
Price: $750

Available: Yes

If you are interested in commissioned work, please call or email the studio.