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Desert Center, CA

By March 3, 2019March 5th, 20192019, Blog
K. Randall Wilcox - Fine Art Photography

I’ve driven by this place any times over the years but never knew its history or had bothered to take the time to stop and explore.

Located off of the old SR177, The Desert Center School is the main building you see from the 10 freeway.

Here’s a sampling of images of the surrounding area and buildings.

Inside main large classroom.

K. Randall Wilcox - Fine Art PhotographyBack in the early 90’s Stanley Ragsdale commissioned the planting of numerous tall palm trees on either side of the large one room school. He died in 1999 and the palm trees have been in decline ever since. 20 years later, its like a graveyard of trunks.

K. Randall Wilcox - Fine Art PhotographyLooking east toward Phoenix.

K. Randall Wilcox - Fine Art PhotographyLooking west towards Los Angeles.

Here are some of the abandoned buildings not far from the school

Desert Center Cafe24 HOUR SERVICE – abandoned gas station

Desert Center Cafe

Abandoned Gas Station Near Eagle Mountain exit

K. Randall Wilcox - Fine Art PhotographyIf you are interested in reading more about Desert Center’s colorful past, you can read more here. There are also some cool YouTube videos about the Kaiser/Eagle Mountain abandoned town and its history.

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