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Winter Frost 3

By March 7, 20192019, Blog
K. Randall Wilcox - Fine Art Photography

Hey there!

Here’s a small 9×12 piece I recently finished for my client and life coach Rebekah Nanfria as a way of saying THANK YOU for helping me break through some of my creative blocks.

With all of the moves over the last ten years, I still felt angry, uprooted, a little guilty and had shelved this side of my creative efforts.

So at the beginning of this year, I made a commitment and brought my easel in from the shed, rubbed it down with some fresh orange oil, cleaned up my rolling art supply carts, created some dedicated spaces in our basement and said let’s make some beautiful pieces this year.

The working title for this piece is titled: “Pushing Through”

From the heavy white clouds and thin overlays of white fog, I used her brand colors of blue and green along with veins of metallic gold to symbolize the power of connection and how accountability was able to shift my perspectives enough to want to buy some canvases, to pick up my brushes and paint again.

I’m forever grateful not only for our friendship, but Rebekah’s unique and powerful intuition as a coach to help me cut through those issues holding me back, set goals and move forward.