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Rolling Clouds

By April 5, 20192019, Blog
K. Randall Wilcox - Fine Art Photography

Over the last few months, I’ve been shooting more landscapes with skylines and clouds and less abandoned spaces. If I can shoot them together then even better.

I wrestle with social media a lot sometimes. Seems like everyone else has these amazing lives and stories. And while that may or may not be true, its become a distraction for me. So during this season of Lent, I’ve been working on keeping my online time to a minimum and focusing more on the content and story.

In the process, I’ve realized I’ve traveled all around and discovered a lot amazing spaces and explored different photo processes that I’ve never shared.

This image was taken just off the 374 highway near the ghost town of Rhyolite, NV. The dream like, painterly quality of this image is created by using a pinhole lens cap and an very long exposure. With a little math, some patience and experimentation you can end up with something like this.

The deep blue hues of the sky, billowing gray clouds hugging the mountains on the northern end of the Amargosa desert and a warm blanket of dry brush make for a quiet place to pause and reflect.

The desert will always be a spiritual place to spend time exploring in. I’ll have to see if I still have any negatives from Rhyolite to get some prints made from.

If you want to explore Rhyolite a bite more… you can do so here RHYOLITE, NV.

If you are interested in commissioning a print, please email or contact the studio. General pricing is available here.