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True Tunes Brand Refresh

By May 14, 2019November 15th, 2023Blog, Logo & Branding, New Work
K. Randall Wilcox Art+Design-East Nashville Branding & Graphic Design

Hey everyone!

I’m excited about posting this recent project I’m currently working on with multi-talented John J. Thompson. He’s an author, singer songwriter, mentor, consultant and the all around creative vision and voice behind a movement he created 30 years ago while growing up in Chicago, Il.

I love what he said in a recent post, “all music is spiritual” and it’s true. You’ve heard me talk about how music has inspired my work over the years. And during those times when I questioned my faith, God and what this all means, John was doing some amazing work building a tribe whose common connections were faith, music and God. I think that’s really cool.

There is so much to say about the True Tunes journey and the need to bring it back, I feel I’d be doing him and True Tunes a dis-service trying to capture it all. Here’s a link to his story, the history behind True Tunes.

In our initial discussion for his brand refresh, there were many ideas and words that were discussed. At time, there were several different tag lines and words tossed about but what the essence of this brand needed to be was a bridge. A bridge that would resonate with both the newer, younger audience as well as those who have been in the tribe over the last thirty years. A brand that captured and embodied, “SPIRIT, BODY, SOUL.”

True Tunes was launched back when record stores were the places kids wanted to hang out. I remember going to our tiny little Christian record store in Newhall, CA and there wasn’t much of a selection of cool, edgy, skateboard style music for me to listen too. I did find The 77’s, Edin Adahl, Darryl Mansfield and White Heart to name a few I listened to A LOT.

This retro inspired record label does just that. It bridges the old with the new. It’s fresh, it’s cool and man I can’t wait to wear this on a t-shirt and see what other types of merch it will go on.

If your the older generation like me, you should find some humor in the vintage cassette illustration. John curates a True Tunes playlist on Spotify so he’s already using this graphic on there. I also added the 77 on the pencil a tribute to a band I listened to a lot who were a major influence and catalyst for him building True Tunes.

K. Randall Wilcox Art+Design-East Nashville Branding & Graphic DesignThere are multiple visuals that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks and months as we continue to build the buzz and raise funds for this project.

I’m blessed to know John and call him and his family true friends.

Want to stay in the loop? Please subscribe to his email newsletter on his website. On a desktop computer it’s in the upper right corner. On mobile phones, scroll down to the bottom.

Thanks John, for trusting me with your brand. I would have spent a lot of time in your store back in the day.