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Low Tide

By June 16, 2019February 10th, 20222019, Blog, News
K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

SUB TITLE: Pushing back the rising tides of fear

I did a smaller piece a few months back titled Lament. It was a tribute piece done in the idea of an apology and reminder to myself for not painting over the last 10 years.

This larger sibling piece like others in my recent series continues to explore this idea of what life feels like living with a constant sense of anxiety. Some days are high and others they are lower.

As a 6 in the enneagram, one of the things I wrestle with is that low grade anxiety that can swing from low to high depending on the environment that surrounds me at any given time.

This piece reveals a different visual story of what life can feel like when the waters have pushed my anxieties and fears back closer to the shore line.

I love the texture and weathered beachy colors of the lower portion. Someone recently had commented on social media that this was the perfect blend of tension and tiredness they had experienced often also as a 6.

The metallic gold represents the healing power of love, forgiveness and hope in these broken spaces.

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Here are a few close ups of the colors and texture.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine ArtK. Randall Wilcox Fine Art

Media: Gesso and acrylic paint.
Price: $2,200

Available: Yes


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