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HEAT Freight

By February 10, 2020November 15th, 2023Blog, Logo & Branding, New Work
K. Randall Wilcox Art+Design-East Nashville Branding & Graphic Design

This was a fun and quick branding project for a new start up that needed an authentic brand presence that reflected their personality as well as communicated what they did.

Inspired by big rig lug nuts and their hexagon shape, I roughed out a sketch of what I had envisioned for them. Then it was time to sit down and start crafting their story into a brand.

Using iconic heavy machinery brand colors and heritage based type faces, I came up with this multi-faceted logo that will look great on anything they put it on as they grow their business.

HEAT was founded in 2019 on the basis that the construction and agricultural equipment market, especially auctions, failed to offer an efficient and transparent solution to buyers interested in purchasing equipment in outlying or distant areas. The misinformation provided online, lead consumers to believe that transportation is extremely costly thus exacerbating the initial cost of the purchased.


I can not say enough good things about the experience that I had working with Randy. He took time to understand the message we were trying to convey and implemented EVERYTHING we were looking for into a branded message through our logo. I would recommend anyone looking for branding and logo design to Once Blind Studios!

Mason Lavallet - HEAT Freight

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