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Death Makes Angels of Us All…

By March 14, 2020November 1st, 20232020, Blog
K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

This was the first in a break out series inspired by street artist, high-contrast stencil styled art on weathered walls and the music of my college art & design years.

This particular piece like many start out as one thing and then tend to morph into another story along the way.

The black and white image of Jim Morrison takes me back to projects done in my first printmaking class at CSUN exploring letterpress and silkscreen processes. I can still remember the smells of creating and processing the the films and coating the silk screen with emulsion.

I’ve always loved this icon image of the late Jim Morrison from a class project and wanted to create something different front he recent work I’ve been doing..

His earliest childhood memory at four years old was witnessing an auto wreck while traveling with his across the desert.

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

And while I don’t know if he had ever traveled through The Tree later in life, my guess is he probably did.

While we are under “stay-at-home” orders here in Nashville from COVID-19, I wanted to put my moon series on hold and try my hand at merging a few processes I’d learned in college.

I also love how the crows are circling the lone Joshua Tree. Each of those are rich in symbolism.

A lot of my painting style involves building up the canvas with layers and layers of gesso and dragging paint with brushes and palette knives. Here are some close ups of this style of painting.

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

Once the canvas was built up, I decided to apply some of my graphic design background experience and worked on creating a layout I was proud of. When that was done, I borrowed a friends digital projector and started painting in all the design elements.

I already have a few more I’m working on and putting the finishing touches on like, BOWIE, CASH and DYLAN.

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Size: 30×40
Media: Gesso and acrylic paint.
Price: $3,200

Available: Yes!

If you are interested in purchasing this piece or commissioned work, please call or email the studio.