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Black Hole Sun

By July 7, 2020November 1st, 20232020, Blog, News
K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

BLACK HOLE SUN- I started this one over the weekend and putting in some time tonight to fix some things I didn’t like. A lot of my moon work has been monochromatic tonal blacks with hints of metallic silver to give it depth in the smallest amounts of light. So the metallic gold I had edged in between the mat and gloss black just wasn’t working so I switched it up and painted the metallics back in using three different shades of silver.

Now I’m feeling happier about how this is shaping up. I still have more flaring and edging to do on this large 48×48 piece but I’m liking the direction it’s heading in. Inspired by Soundgarden’s Same titled song, Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse” and U2’s “The Fly” all have a bit of influence in this piece.

I’ll post final pix when it’s finished finished. In the mean time do not anyone keep you from shining brightly. And if this is just a season, this too shall pass.


Size: 48″ x 48″
Media: Original Acrylic Painting
Canvas: Heavy duty 12oz primed Fredrix Gallery Wrap

If you are interested in purchasing the original you can do so at the link below.


Here are some close ups of this piece:

FRAME 1: Base texture build.

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

It’s hard to really capture the subtle shifts between the waxy outer black and the gloss center. It also unique as it can hsape shift some depending on how light hits it.

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