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By February 26, 2021November 1st, 20232021, Blog
K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

SNOW MOON – Original Painting now available in my shop.

Hey friends, Spring is coming but before then, we will all experience a full moon this weekend on Saturday, Feb 27th and it’s called a snow moon or also known as a hunger moon.

Every full moon has a special kind of energy and this one certainly does. We can take advantage of the power of the full moon. When we do, it’s kinda like getting a lunar blessing.

When we set intentions and acknowledge the moon, we have a better rate of success in our endeavors. Here are some ideas for igniting the power of the moon in our lives.

The snow moon is a reminder that we are in a season of change. Coming through COVID and the world wide pandemic our world has seen, it’s time for change. The snow will melt, the earth will warm, and we must accept those transitions.

One great way of accepting the changes to come is to prepare for it by slimming down to our fighting weight. I’m not talking literal body weight. I’m talking about letting go and tossing out the crap that is is no longer serving us in a healthy capacity.

This might be material items, but it might also be beliefs that are no longer serving you…or worse, down-right damaging you.  Discard the thoughts and things that are holding you back. Doing so will make you far better equipped to handle changes ahead.

This piece is layered with all of the tonal symbolism as mentioned above.


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