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Your Art As A Testimony

By April 24, 20242024, Blog
K. Randall Wilcox Art+Design-East Nashville Branding & Graphic Design

I tend to screen cap a lot of inspirational quotes that I find in my feed because it is important to remind myself that this is a daily journey where some days its easier than others to tune out my inner critic(s).

So let’s start this journal entry off with this this one.

Whether you are an artist or not, we all start somewhere in this life and I believe we all want to be witnessed one way or another.

There are seasons of hope, joy, love, loss, death and grief and quite frankly as the poet Jim Morrison of The Doors famously penned in a song “No One here gets out alive.

And while not all events are seen or celebrated we should each take the time to reflect on all that we have overcome.

I have not been great or consistent when it comes to journaling over the years like some. I think this is in part because I have spent so much of my creative time split between Once Blind Studios and my art.

One of the biggest and time consuming things I did last year was to consolidate these two things into one entity, housed under one roof. I spent most of the winter months, and into February of this year cleaning up and clearing out all the stuff that no longer mattered. Clients, art, photos, files… and anything that was no longer serving me in a positive way to get to where I want to go.  There is something truly freeing about letting go and creating more capacity.

I wont lie, there were a few weeks spent grieving over those chapters that no longer really mattered. I think there were also a lot of parts where I felt like I had failed myself and maybe others in my circle as well. failure for an introvert can often be a harsh inner critic.

Well, here I am, it’s already past the middle of April and I’m finding myself with more opportunities so far this year than I have had in previous years.

I look at the “overcoming” as an ongoing daily exercise as well as an intention. I’ve found that setting smaller daily and weekly tasks like logging my daily “things to do” and “need to get done” has helped so much with my confidence levels shifting from “feeling” to “knowing”.

I’ve needed ways to hold myself accountable as there are many distractions that can easily derail me. So much of what bogs us down is in our heads.

Here are a few practices I do when feeling super critical about where I am:

  1. 1. Create an ACCOMPLISHMENTS list or journal
    2. Make a GRATITUDE list of things I’m grateful for; people, travel,
    3. Get outside and go SOMEWHERE
    4. MUSIC is always inspirational
    5. TEXT a friend
    6. Go visit a MUSEUM or GALLERY
    7. ???

Where ever you are in your journey, be sure to kind to yourself on the days down days and celebrate on the days when things are on a roll.

Find those things you enjoy and bring hope into your space.

I’ll just be here creating and exploring all the hidden, hurt and broken spaces where my heart can bring me others healing.

If you are looking for the creative mind behind the graphic used in this post you can find him here: @okuntakinte