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Don’t Give Up-A Journal Entry

By May 13, 20242024, Blog
K. Randall Wilcox Art+Design-East Nashville Branding & Graphic Design

Whether you are a creative person or not, I’m sure you’ve had those days where you wonder “Is this worth it all?”

It could be life. It could be work. It could be family or relationships. It could be your creative endeavors.

It could be all of the above.

So much of my story recently feels like this. And I spend quite a bit of time in prayer and worship taking inventory of the “what really matters” and “what do I know to be true?”

I think its important to take inventory several times a year. It helps me stay on track. It helps me focus and it also helps me view all that this life brings through a lens pf gratitude.

The pressures that social media brings to us introverts feels so overwhelming at times all I want to do is take a nap and disappear for awhile.

And then I am reminded of all the bands and concerts I’ve been able to see live over the years.

So when I was gifted a ticket to go see PEARL JAM at Bridgestone Arena back in September of 2022, getting a gig shirt was a no brainer.  I liked this one the best as it took me back to my college years in design school and learning silkscreen and printmaking.

It is easy for me to get lost down rabbit holes when I start comparing my life to what I see on social media so I try to keep my scrolling to a minimum but some days its like STOP!

So in my list of gratitude I’m going to try and make a list here of all the bands I’v gotten to see live over the years and I’m sure there will be some odd ones that maybe you’ve never heard before. And that might be in part to me watching MTV’s video show titled “120 Minutes” that aired all the up and coming bands out of England and Europe.

Not in any Particular Order:

  • The Cure-Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me tour-Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, CA
  • New Model Army, The Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles
  • Kommunity FK / Sativa Luv Box-Various Clubs Hollywood, CA
  • Love & Rocket w/Jane’s Addiction-UC Irvine, CA
  • The Alarm-Universal Amphitheatre, Hollywood, CA
  • Sea Hags-Record release Party
  • Junkyard-Record release Party-The Probe, Hollywood, CA
  • Motley Cure Dr Feel Good Tour
  • Aerosmith
  • Rolling Stones w/Guns N Roses-L.A. Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA
  • Flock of Seagulls-Hollywood Palace Theater Hollywood, CA
  • The Mission UK-Hollywood Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA
  • THE CULT-Long Beach Arena
  • Lincoln Park-House Of Blues, Hollywood, CA
  • Foo Fighter Hollywood Palladium
  • Jane’s Addiction Hollywood Palladium
  • Guns N Roses-Cathouse Hollywood, CA
  • U2-Joshua Tree 1987 L.A. Coliseum
  • KISS-Bridgestone Arena 2x
  • The Who-Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN
  • Faster Pussycat multiple times CA and TN
  • L.A. Guns multiple times CA and TN
  • Inhaler-Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN
  • Matthew Mayfield-Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN
  • Guns N Roses-Nashville, TN 2023

None of these mention any of the smaller bands I’ve seen over the years at the clubs, especially in Los Angeles.

I’m very grateful for all the shows I’ve been able to attend over the years.

Music will always be a part of my creative journey and story.