It’s time to change out the artwork hanging in the office at RE/MAX Homes and Estates, Lipman Group. So, anything currently in the office
(listed on this page) is now 30% off, and I’m offering free delivery in the greater Nashville area!

Offer valid from 9/1 – 9/30/2020. All sales are final.

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

Low Tide

El – Apple Green

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

Spring’s Hope

This Corrosion


Tides of Lindos

Par La Lumiere de la Lune

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art


Studies in Red No. 1

Studies In Red No. 2

Spare Change

Yeni Çamii – Limited Edition

Courtyard Fountain, Topkapi Palace – Framed Limited Edition

Ornate Water Fountain

Kösk Köfte Eví

Coaldale Door – Limited Edition

La Tormenta

La Maravilla

El Esperar

Dos Autos

K Randall Wilcox Fine Art

St. Mattias Church Spires – Budapest – Limited Edition

#1 Emelet – Budapest – Limited Edition

St. Mattias Church #1 – Budapest