Adams, TN

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AMAZING GRACE – Been thinking about this old abandoned United Methodist church that I stopped to shoot at in Adams, TN yesterday.

I don’t know it’s story of when it was built but from the looks of it, it’s obvious that it has weathered many storms.

What if the grace and beauty of this place of worship was it’s strength to still be standing after all these years? What if its story is no mater who walked away, it whispers “I’m still standing. I’m still here.”

Whatever today’s battle might be, this visual reminder to me was no matter the battle, no matter the storm, no matter the scars or tiredness, God’s light still shines.

#tennesseeontwowheelsSo on this Thanksgiving weekend, I’m thankful for His love, light and protection each day and when I’m on the road. I’m thankful for the eyes He gave me to see the world through this lens, to capture life in it’s raw beauty.

Here’s a few images from the old downtown area of Adams.


Here’s some more info I found on Wikipedia regarding this town’s history:

Adams developed in the late 1850s as a station on the Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad (later part of the L&N system). Most of the city’s early buildings were destroyed during the Civil War. The city originally incorporated as Red River in 1869, but was renamed Adams Station in honor of James Reuben Adams, who owned much of the land on which the city was built. The name was simplified to “Adams” in 1898. By the late 1880s, Adams was home to several stores, a flour mill, two churches, and a school. The city repealed its charter in 1899, but reincorporated in 1908, and incorporated as a city in 1963.[5][6][7]

During the 1920s, Adams began to receive a steady flow of automobile traffic due to its location along U.S. Route 41, which was one of the main roads linking the Chicago area with Florida. The city began to decline in the mid 20th century with the discontinuance of passenger rail traffic and the construction of Interstate 24 and Interstate 65 (which drew much of the automobile.

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TAGGED – snapped this one up while poking around Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago.

Reminds me of the barriers that stand in the way of creating art. Whether self imposed or by others, I need to keep pushing forward and exploring. Stop listening to the noise. Rise above. Follow your heart and fly.

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Heading to Jackson, TN

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Sometimes its not about the destination as much as it is the journey.

It had been a long week near the end of October when my dad was here visiting from Phoenix to celebrate a bleated birthday here with my wife Leisa and me.

It had been too cold to ride and there were many things to do but most of all was helping him with a lot of things like track financial stuff, help him with his phone that keeps running out of juice, unsubscribing him from recurring subscriptions, etc, etc.

We aren’t exactly sure about what stage his ALZ is in but it seems to be getting worse since I visited him in Phoenix earlier this year to celebrate his birthday.

So, on Sunday November 5, the weather had warmed up a bit and I had decided I need to get out and ride. I have been wanting to go to Jackson, TN the last couple of weeks because I had never been there and was all excited about grabbing a bit to eat and roam the historic town a bit.

But like most adventures, its what I find along the way that has more importance and meaning.

I started out on the 40 and headed south for awhile and eventually got off because the words were gusty and I hadn’t prepared for that so I hoped on 70W and head along the back roads.

The weather was cloudy that day and as I rode I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad and his neurological condition. It wasn’t long before I came across this old abandoned drive in right around Montgomery Bell, TN. It was tucked back a little off the road so i had to swing around so I could stop and snap a few frames.

tennesseeontwowheelsThere is something haunting about the old places that used to thrive. I wonder who came here, who they were with, and their conversations that once filled this space at night as the cars rolled in to gather around and watch movies.

I vaguely remember my dad telling me about times he wold take his parents car and sneak into the drive in.

The next place i stopped at briefly was this old road side store front that had one been abandoned. I peeked inside to see nothing but some piles of trash. As I looked closer just before leaving, there was a fade Harley Davidson bar and shield sticker on the front window.


I finally arrived in Jackson much later than anticipated. I grab a bite to eat but need to get back on the road to head home. The sun was going down, the autumn leaves continued to swirl beneath my bike and as I rode, I kept thinking about dad, who we call Papa now and the life he has lived and what they coming years will hold.

Looking back I’m grateful for the time he was here, the memories we shared from years ago as well as the ones made while he was here.

I’ll head back to Phoenix here in a few weeks to help with medical appointment updates and next steps.

Til the next ride, be safe and enjoy those moments with your family and friends.

Annual Prison Ride 2017

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Here are some of the powerful black and white images I took this past weekend while at the Annual Prison Ride with Boswells Harley-Davidson.

Built in 1898 and closed in 1992, The Tennessee State Prison has a long history that you can read more about here if you are interested.