New Orleans Cemetery

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It’s Friday and time for another featured orphan print from the vault. This was taken almost a decade ago while on a trip to New Orleans. Famous for their above ground cemeteries, I was fascinated with all the different styled burial vaults as well as the statuary that adorns them. This image was taken using a pinhole lens and a long exposure to get that moody, grainy feel. The skies were overcast and moody that day and this image reminds me of my grandmothers who always prayed for me. I love the simplicity of the pose contrasted with the complexity of the tonal qualities and sloppy borders. #orphanprint

Jerome, AZ

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As I’ve been digging through my images over the years, there are many that have stories that haven’t been told yet. So on that note, here are some images that were taken out in Jerome, Arizona in 2012 while visiting family and celebrating my dad’s birthday.

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The Journey – Part 2: Q&A

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Hey everyone!

Hard to believe its almost a week ago that I was about to give a talk about my story and creative process. I wanted to finish out this week with the Q&A from that night as well as share some extra thoughts I had that I wasn’t able to share too.
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The Journey – Part 1

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For those that were unable to attend my show and talk last Friday at The Village Chapel’s Creative Arts Potluck, I thought I’d do a post about my story, my process and what was shared.

So, while my show is called The Journey, I ended up titling my talk, “The Dilemma” – How do I get 32 years of learning, experimenting, internal frustrations, exploration and process into 15 minutes. So here we go…

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The Journey – Creative Arts Potluck

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Time for another exhibit in Nashville!

I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my fine art photography and a brief chat about my story and process Friday, May 20th at my home church, The Village Chapel. 

There are 20+ images from my travels to Budapest, Prague, Cuba, Istanbul and other locales across the U.S. It’s a potluck and starts at 7pm so if you’re a guest there’s no need to bring anything unless you want to.

There will be live music by Zach Bevill as well as him sharing his creative process in his music.

The Village Chapel is located at 2021 21st. Ave South Nashville, 37212.

Hope to see you there!